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freedom to play

Wow. Nearly a month since my last post. I guess my head just hasn’t been in the right place for blogging. It’s been busy. In early March, I went to the Duke Center for Documentary Studies to learn how to

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“work hard to find your voice”

If you haven’t seen the King’s Speech yet – go, and soon. It’s proof that true stories beat fiction anytime. Granted, George VI (or Bertie) was born into a life of privilege, he was the son and brother of a

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James Blake…oh yeah…

Caught James Blake’s new album last week via NPR Music, but it turns out “Limit to Your Love” was a huge hit last fall in the U.K. It’s easy to see (hear?) why.  Blake’s voice is grainy and soulful.  He

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Connect the Groove

First day of music school, freshman year.  There are more than 300 of us crammed into a choral/lecture space waiting to be split up into separate classes.  It’s a room full  of nervous teenagers bent on proving that they just

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Winter is beautiful

, originally uploaded by laura_h_allen. I decided to go out and play with the new camera yesterday.  Used a macro lens for the first time and found it wonderful and challenging. This picture is from our lovely neighborhood/walk-through, Arlington Court.

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Music is the native tongue…

This blog started out as a way for me to write about music. Specifically, it was a way for me to express myself outside of the ‘classical’ music world.  I’ve rebelled against what I view as the confines of that

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Routine: Refresh

I was tired and weary…and art was my balm last week.   Music and radio; audio arts have been my bread and butter most of my life. I’ve got good ears. Art has not been my home. But, it’s getting

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