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Civil War

I stepped onto my my front porch last Friday night and remembered to breathe. My eyes were tearing up (righteous indignation and MCHM will make you cry), and my head was pounding.  The stench in the air is something I’ll

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Winter is beautiful

, originally uploaded by laura_h_allen. I decided to go out and play with the new camera yesterday.  Used a macro lens for the first time and found it wonderful and challenging. This picture is from our lovely neighborhood/walk-through, Arlington Court.

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The man went from trash can to trash can, his bike balanced by plastic bags full of the treasures he had already found. I was walking to the mall, on my way to Sears to pick up our car.  I’ve

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First snow

We’ve been coming to Charleston since I was 6 or 8, I guess.  From Maryland, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, and finally Clarksburg, we would visit my great-Aunts who lived on Quarrier Street. Emma smoked and cussed.  Louise was very prim

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