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Winter is beautiful

, originally uploaded by laura_h_allen. I decided to go out and play with the new camera yesterday.  Used a macro lens for the first time and found it wonderful and challenging. This picture is from our lovely neighborhood/walk-through, Arlington Court.

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prickly pear and paw-paw

My Grandmother’s cactus blooms in my mother’s yard now.  It’s a prickly pear; paddle-shaped with lemon-colored flowers. On Arlington Court, the plants tell stories.  Even the ones that are gone. There was a paw-paw tree by number 17 for years;

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Two dogs and a plum tree

About 10 years ago, two dogs ruined a sapling.   It’s not what you think – they didn’t pee all over it. They chewed the poor little thing to death. Jack, a burly black and white border collie, was just over

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