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Civil War

I stepped onto my my front porch last Friday night and remembered to breathe. My eyes were tearing up (righteous indignation and MCHM will make you cry), and my head was pounding.  The stench in the air is something I’ll

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I saw the white sneakers first. My dog approached them with cautious joy, tail flopping from side to side. Everybody is a potential friend as far as golden retrievers are concerned. The sneakers were attached to denim legs and they

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The pesky arc, part I

When I was younger, I wanted desperately to be different from my parents. And I am. The dog lives inside and climbs on whatever furniture he wants, for example. Our cats are decidedly more indoor than out. My husband and

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First snow

We’ve been coming to Charleston since I was 6 or 8, I guess.  From Maryland, Ohio, New York, Connecticut, and finally Clarksburg, we would visit my great-Aunts who lived on Quarrier Street. Emma smoked and cussed.  Louise was very prim

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girl on a bus, part 1

Appayank.  It’s not a word, but it’s who I am.  Since my family moved back to West Virginia from the Northeast in 1983, I’ve felt the pull of both places.  I’m starting to write about it – we’ll see how

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prickly pear and paw-paw

My Grandmother’s cactus blooms in my mother’s yard now.  It’s a prickly pear; paddle-shaped with lemon-colored flowers. On Arlington Court, the plants tell stories.  Even the ones that are gone. There was a paw-paw tree by number 17 for years;

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Gold Lame Dress

I was 16 when I jumped out of Greg Markia’s birthday cake in my mother’s old gold lame dress. The party was in the gray cinder-block volunteer fire department building in Ainsley, West Virginia. It may as well have been

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