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Violence As a Means of Controlling Black People

Can The United States of America overcome a seeming penchant for inflicting violence upon African Americans in various settings and situations, even in the year 2015? America has never hesitated to use violence as a means of controlling African Americans.…

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After Charleston: An Open Letter to White Christians from a White Female Pastor

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How evangelicals won a culture war and lost a generation

Originally posted on CNN Belief Blog:
Opinion by Rachel Held Evans, special to CNN (CNN) — On March 24, World Vision announced that the U.S. branch of the popular humanitarian organization would no longer discriminate against employees in same-sex marriages. It…

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I think about a million different things to write about every day. My dog’s latest piano composition, the lady smoking cigarettes, pushing a cart while trudging down Quarrier Street,  the guy who comes to our back door regularly looking for

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Daily Prompt: The Glass

The glass is always half full when I’m in NYC!

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The pesky arc, part I

When I was younger, I wanted desperately to be different from my parents. And I am. The dog lives inside and climbs on whatever furniture he wants, for example. Our cats are decidedly more indoor than out. My husband and

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I want one of these.

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