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Been gone a long time, yet I can’t quite say goodbye to this blog. Since I’ve gone to work for the United Methodist Church, I’ve hung back from the music scene and public media. I’m ready for that to change.

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Don’t be afraid of the new thing…

Ah, summer. Life finally slowing down for a bit after a rather manic spring season. And, I’m thinking it’s time for a change in terms of this blog. I’m trying out some new stuff tech-wise; starting spaces over on tumblr

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I want one of these.

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freedom to play

Wow. Nearly a month since my last post. I guess my head just hasn’t been in the right place for blogging. It’s been busy. In early March, I went to the Duke Center for Documentary Studies to learn how to

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Discovering music – twitter style

I’ll never forget the day I discovered the Boomtown Rats.  I found The Fine Art of Surfacing one day in the bargain cassette bin of the local Sam Goody store (remember them?).  My hard-earned cash from the morning paper route

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Mid-east editor leaving CNN

Another cautionary tale for journalists everywhere:  watch what you say, blog, tweet, etc. especially if you cover a controversial topic like the Middle East. Last month, veteran reporter Helen Thomas retired after saying that Jews should get out of Palestine. 

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Doing what you love

I was out and about this weekend when I saw a guy pick up a saw and start playing it.  It was a spooky, ethereal, otherwordly sound, and I had the means…so I recorded it and asked the guy to

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