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Let ’em go…

One of my favorite U2 songs ever is ‘Bad’. It’s the song that made the band famous in the glorious days of the mullet, which Bono showed off quite well at Live Aid in 1985.  It’s a song about heroin

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this week, on pandora

A bit of 80s nostalgia today, courtesy of Echo and the Bunnymen. Full disclosure only seems fair here – I have liked crappy music in my time.  This has largely to do with teenage girl-crush-on-a-guy angst, which means groups like

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One of first favorite songs.  We were walking distance from a Caldor store in Stamford and a standalone record shop.  I love the digital era in many ways, but there is something special about leafing through a bin of records

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Music Monday: La Mer

One of my all-time favorite pieces of music – of any kind- is Claude Debussy’s La Mer.  The reasons why I love this piece have nothing to do with the fact that it’s one of the masterpieces of the 20th

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A song worth knowing

I Am Kloot is a band I can’t get out of my head.  This song is stripped-down, eerie -full of longing. Gorgeous.

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3 Songs

3 songs I heard on Pandora this morning and what came into my head: I Will Follow – U2 I’ve always loved the energy and garage-band aesthetic in this song, the second single released by the band from their debut

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Go see Ben Sollee: Reason 2

Continuing last night’s thread on Ben Sollee and why you should check his music out… Great musicians do a lot with not much.  How many singer-songwriters have you ever heard of accompany themselves with the cello? Keep thinking on that,

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