Don’t be afraid of the new thing…

Ah, summer. Life finally slowing down for a bit after a rather manic spring season. And, I’m thinking it’s time for a change in terms of this blog. I’m trying out some new stuff tech-wise; starting spaces over on tumblr and typepad, which bills itself as a slightly more professional wordpress kinda thing. So far, I find it a bit more difficult to deal with, though that’s probably due to my familiarity with wordpress more than anything else. I also started to dabble around with google + (I was lucky enough to get an invite from a friend), and so far, it looks pretty cool.

First of all, both Google + (GP) and tumblr are minimalist compared to Facebook and WordPress. Google + has a cleaner overall interface, which I like. I also like the way GP organizes by ‘circles’. I refrain from posting certain things to my current FB page – because I don’t want everyone I’m ‘friends’ with on FB to see it. With GP, I can control who sees what. To be fair, FB has the ability to direct posts too, but the process is a bit less streamlined.

Tumblr is a blogging web space. Again, clean, simple, and good design are built in and easy to get started with. I like the fact that I can upload photos up to 10MG in size – something you cannot do on FB. I also like the link-friendly way tumblr allows users to share photos and other content. It allows for a more seamless posting experience, which is nice. Sometimes I spend way too much time adjusting photos/text alignment in wordpress…it’s frustrating. On the downside, I can only post one audio file per day, which could be troublesome if I began hyper-producing audio pieces again.

Both GP and tumblr reflect the changing digital platform space for content delivery. It will be interesting to see how they fare.

Stay tuned…and in the meantime enjoy some Plej:



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