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Wow. Nearly a month since my last post. I guess my head just hasn’t been in the right place for blogging.

It’s been busy. In early March, I went to the Duke Center for Documentary Studies to learn how to make audio slideshows using still photos and well, audio. Big Shed, a group of media producers I remember well from my pub radio days partnered with CDS to do the training.

I purposely chose photography, to work on an area of weakness I’m falling in love with. My partner, Krissa, did a great job gathering the audio for our piece. Then, we sat down and put the final product together.

We were told our piece had to be 60 seconds long. I took nearly 500 photos on the shoot, Krissa had about 30 minutes of tape.

Whittling it down to a minute was tough, but it forced us to really think about the heart of our story, something any producer/writer knows is maybe the toughest part of creating this kind of content.

The applications of this form of story-telling for the church (and just about anything, are infinite). I’m excited to apply and share what I’ve learned with others, especially young folks in the church.

The best part of the weekend for me is that I went to play and learn. I wasn’t worried about being the best – or worst – at the stuff we were learning. It was liberating to learn something that brought together skills I already have (writing, audio) and developing new ones (photography).

Play more. That’s what I learned.

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