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A bit of 80s nostalgia today, courtesy of Echo and the Bunnymen. Full disclosure only seems fair here – I have liked crappy music in my time.  This has largely to do with teenage girl-crush-on-a-guy angst, which means groups like Air Supply, I’m sad to say, weaseled their way into my heart.

We all make mistakes…

The only ETB song I knew well was Bring on the Dancing Horses, the only pop-ish type tune that gained traction in the U.S.; it was on the wildly popular (and much bootlegged) soundtrack for Pretty in Pink. Here’s my favorite tune by them, I think.

Last week, I dug on an old ETB song called Over the Wall…and then Pandora cued up a group that falls right in the Bunnymen-angst-ridden-pop-ish-guitar wash of sound continnum: Editors.  Not ‘the Editors’, just ‘Editors’, which is kind of funny when you think about it.

I like the name for many reasons…and I dig their sound…so without further adue, Editors: ‘Blood’:

Kay.  I’m going to go watch a Kiefer Sutherland vampire movie now and put on my legwarmers, just for old times’ sake.

Before I do, an observation: as much as 80s pop has the ability to get on my nerves pretty badly, I do think bands like ETB were prescient.  The idea of layering electronics with traditional rock instrumentation is something guys like Thom Yorke have gone on to master.  The production is primitive compared to what Yorke and guys like James Blake do, but the thread is there.

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