I resist routine, because I’m afraid it will hurt my creative mojo.  This is not a new issue for me. One of my great teachers/mentors, Randy Kohlenberg once challenged a bunch of us in music school to write out our daily schedule. He did this, I think, because he was sick of hearing us complain about how little time we had to keep up with everything.  “Write out your day,” he said.  “And you’ll see how much time you really have.”

So, in his honor, for the next week, I’m going to do my best to keep to this schedule:

5:45 am – out of bed, in shower

6:00 am – prayers/meditation, make coffee, sketch out ideas for daily writing/blogging

7:00 am – dog walk/breakfast, more writing if possible, time with hubby

8:30 am – 4:30 pm work time

5-9 pm – dinner, more writing/web time, reading, in bed by 9 -9:30.

That’s my weekday schedule.  Weekends should be a bit more free than this, for sure.  I’m also going to work hard at getting my work day in order by logging how I spend my time while at the office.

Another wise mentor once told me to ‘schedule free time’.  That sounds counter-intuitive until you put it into practice.  When I took his suggestion all those years ago, I craved that time like you wouldn’t believe.  It became a reward, and ideas flowed freely.

I want more time to write, to develop the stories I’m gathering (found some great ones today for MLK day, btw), more time to just be.

Here’s to being.



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