Dog walk: loaves and fishes

The woman walked slowly, a loaf of sun-maid raisin bread in her hands.  There were two men on either side of her.  One carried several bananas, the other limped slightly as he walked.

“Is that Miles?”, the man with the bananas said.  “Yes,” I replied.

My dog wagged his tail and perked up at hearing his name.  He went over to greet them.

Miles is a bit of a celebrity on the East End of Charleston.  People are always glad to see him.

They smiled, one of the men rubbed the dog’s head.  Miles put his nose up in the direction of the raisin bread, but didn’t go for it.  Like good dogs everywhere, he was mostly interested in potential head rubs and human companionship.

“Supposed to be warm today, I heard,” said the other man. “40’s I think,” said the woman.  They trudged up the street in clothes that weren’t quite warm enough for the early morning chill.

Miles wanted to play at Celebration Station.  We stopped, and he nudged my hand, hoping I’d take a glove off for him to run with.

I could still see the woman in her black and red plaid jacket, the two men flanking her, bananas hanging out of their pockets.

They shuffled away slowly.  By the time Miles and I started to walk down the street again, they’d disappeared.

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