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Finally started to note when I got good ideas for blog posts using the iPhone.  Some of my best writing comes to me when I’m on the treadmill for some reason.  But, no longer post here today, making it a goal for tomorrow.  Today, I wanted to make sure the other blog (the place where I’m trying to nurture my inner journalist) was updated.

Hmm…wonder if I get credit for postaday2011 if I blog somewhere…out there….every day.

A few other notes…

– It will be interesting to hear the pundits tomorrow after President Obama gave perhaps the best speech of his presidency at the memorial service for the Arizona shooting victims tonight in Tucson.  Especially after Sarah Palin botched things pretty badly in her well-produced video by using the term ‘blood libel’.  Tip for Ms. Palin:  Just ’cause it’s in the Wall Street Journal doesn’t mean it’s gospel.  You want to be a leader on the national stage?  You gotta learn to rise above the fray.

– Acting Governor Earl Ray Tomblin’s first (last?) state of the state address held no surprises, but it was interesting that he talked about getting rid of the food tax in the next few years.  We’ll see if it actually happens.  I doubt an $800 bonus for teachers will do much to stem the out-migration to Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Maryland, but it’s a nice gesture, I guess.

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