Migraine cure and a dog’s joy

The pain-o-meter in my head got turned down early and I’m grateful.  There’s no doubt I’m in the middle of a migraine episode, but it could be much worse.

The truth is, I’m tapping out some words tonight so that I can keep up with a promise I made this year to myself: write more frequently.

Write when you don’t feel good.  Write when you are afraid it’s no good.  Write because you love doing it and want to get better.  Write.

Part of the problem is that I spend a lot of time editing, which can be utterly draining.  My energy is at a low ebb for my work at the end of a day spent editing the work of others.

So tonight, 150 or so words is all I got left.  I hope for longer posts with thoughtful writing soon.

If only I had my dog’s energy.

Miles with a stick: Joy defined.

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