A Coach Purse Story

I had no idea what a big deal Coach purses were until today. On Facebook, I said:

“My status as a tomboy is confirmed. Accessorizing a purse is something that would never cross my mind.”

The comments were almost instant –   a total of 15 – including my Mom and one of those ‘friends’ from high school that never really was, if you know what I mean.

I went into the store out of curiosity, and to help a friend pick out a bag for her daughter.  Coach bags are huge for high school girls these days, wouldn’t ya know.

I’ve never been a girlie girl, and it’s a world that fascinates me in many ways.  I will pay $300 for the latest electronic gadget – but a purse?  No way.  Just not in my view of the world.

My Facebook status update was meant to simply convey this.  Not judgement to those who naturally accessorize stuff (I wish I had this ability, but I just don’t).

The employees in the store were very serious.  We watched them get searched before leaving the store at the end of a shift.  Yes, that’s right.  Bags are opened for inspection, jackets are taken off and searched to insure no theft has taken place.

I remember a similar practice when I worked retail at Eddie Bauer in the Charleston Town Center years ago, but it was not as intense as what I saw tonight.  These are important purses after all, that come with their own serial number.

This all seemed like a good bit of fun until I read this article in Harper’s Bazaar and saw the damage the counterfeit industry does to the world.  From a social justice standpoint (yes I believe in it), I can’t use these pictures, because someone might create a counterfeit bag and use the proceeds to fund human trafficking.  So, fun over, photo off of Facebook page (along with the comments).

Learn, learn, learn.

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