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The double-truth, Ruth

A busy week. But, the routine thing is going pretty well.  I’m not getting up quite as early as I would like, but I am getting to work earlier and doing a good job staying on task while there.  Which

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I resist routine, because I’m afraid it will hurt my creative mojo.  This is not a new issue for me. One of my great teachers/mentors, Randy Kohlenberg once challenged a bunch of us in music school to write out our

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A post a day in 2011 is tough.  My head is empty and I’m tired.  And, I’d make the argument that the world is better off without a post that makes no sense at all. So, g’night world. I’ll leave

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Dog walk: loaves and fishes

The woman walked slowly, a loaf of sun-maid raisin bread in her hands.  There were two men on either side of her.  One carried several bananas, the other limped slightly as he walked. “Is that Miles?”, the man with the

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“Grace is about looking back…”

Some of the people I’ve loved and admired the most have let me down. The feeling of being sucker-punched when someone you thought could do no wrong disappoints you is one of the stripes earned on the road to maturity.

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Little bits

Finally started to note when I got good ideas for blog posts using the iPhone.  Some of my best writing comes to me when I’m on the treadmill for some reason.  But, no longer post here today, making it a

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Migraine cure and a dog’s joy

The pain-o-meter in my head got turned down early and I’m grateful.  There’s no doubt I’m in the middle of a migraine episode, but it could be much worse. The truth is, I’m tapping out some words tonight so that

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