Discovering music – twitter style

I’ll never forget the day I discovered the Boomtown Rats.  I found The Fine Art of Surfacing one day in the bargain cassette bin of the local Sam Goody store (remember them?).  My hard-earned cash from the morning paper route often went to music – usually to the cast-off stuff that hadn’t been hit-worthy.

That feeling of risk (what will this sound like/is it worth $4?), followed by the joy of discovering a new artist is what I loved in those young days of music exploration.

Today, I’ll do that with Marian Call, a singer I had never heard of until I noticed a friend’s tweet about Call’s tour.  She’s trying to play all 50 states, using only social media/the Internet to book her gigs.  In the past few days I’ve been listening to her music…it’s geeky (which means I dig it) and sounds pretty good.  In the plus column, she did a tune for the outstanding short-run sci-fi series Firefly, of which hubby and I are big fans (we are geeks, after all).

Here’s the vid:

Off to Taylor Books to hear Marian.  She’s agreed to let me interview her.  I’ll post the audio and, hopefully some pictures here in the next day or so.

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