Sign of the times: The grocery line

The man in front of me had a half-dozen 40oz Natural Lites in his shopping basket, along with some tallboy cans.  His black t-shirt actually said something about hating what you fear.

In front of him, a woman argued with the cashier over her WIC benefits and which coupons she could use to buy milk.  “This sh*&^ is drivin’ me crazy,” she said, stalking off to the back of the store to fetch the proper milk.

In the next line over, a woman spent $43 and change on cigarettes and chewing tobacco.

The Foodland on Bigley is a far cry from the Ashton Place Kroger.  There was a time (my early 20s) when I worked for a beverage distributor in North Carolina.  You are taught to stock the 40oz malt liquor up front in certain stores, because of the ‘demographic’.  In the stores in wealthier neighborhoods, it’s all fresh food and good wine up front.

“It’s the reality of our business,” said Floyd, who was training me back in those days.

I lasted 9 months on the job.

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