Social Media is here to stay

There’s no doubt that social media – and all electronic based media – are changing the way we do many things.  The folks at Socialnomics do an excellent job explaining how:

Since I’ve left public radio, the way I listen to it has drastically changed.  Almost all of my listening is now done on an electronic device – my iPhone, computer, or iPod.  And, (I confess) I listen to almost no music via traditional radio anymore.  Pandora has changed my music habits for good, and I think for the better.  More variety, more choice, more surprises…truly a wonderful thing.

But I digress. Pandora is not social media…(but I can let folks know what I’m listening to and if I like it on my Facebook page or via my Twitter stream…it takes about 10 seconds).

What social media is doing, IMHO, is creating a ‘third stream’ of social interaction.  There’s evidence that suggests that people who use social media have more face-to-face interactions with people, not less, debunking the myth that everyone under 30 hides in a dark corner tapping away at a computer for their social life.  Check out Jeffrey Cole’s work at the USC Annenberg School for excellent research/data on the Internet and how it is impacting society over time.

Those of us who use this stuff are social creatures, you see.  The more interaction, the better…and social media gives us another tool to be with people.

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