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prickly pear and paw-paw

My Grandmother’s cactus blooms in my mother’s yard now.  It’s a prickly pear; paddle-shaped with lemon-colored flowers. On Arlington Court, the plants tell stories.  Even the ones that are gone. There was a paw-paw tree by number 17 for years;

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Social Media is here to stay

There’s no doubt that social media – and all electronic based media – are changing the way we do many things.  The folks at Socialnomics do an excellent job explaining how: Since I’ve left public radio, the way I listen

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Tell me something good

Always a sucker for a great funk tune, I jammed out a bit this afternoon to this classic.  I was 6 when this tune came out…the Chaka Khan I knew as a teenager during the 80s didn’t have the same

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Walk pictures

Walking the dog every day means I see the same things…differently. This pic from a wooden garage facing an alley behind a house on Quarrier street. Who drove it last? What pieces of our lives do we leave behind for

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