Two dogs and a plum tree

About 10 years ago, two dogs ruined a sapling.   It’s not what you think – they didn’t pee all over it.

They chewed the poor little thing to death.

Jack, a burly black and white border collie, was just over a year old.  His best friend, and partner in numerous crimes on Arlington Court, was Zack, the golden retriever.  Turning the little tree into a rooted chew toy has to be one of their shining moments.

My neighbor (and friend) pointed out to me one day that the dogs had basically ruined the tree he planted and tried to grow for almost a year.  I had somehow stopped noticing the tree, and no wonder.  By the time it was brought to my attention, it looked like a small branch had somehow fallen down to stand straight up from the ground.

Our response?  We planted a new tree, and put a little fence around it to discourage the dogs.

Both of them are now in a place where there’s no penalty for stick-chewing.  I think dogs do go to heaven, or at least someplace really good.  Every year since, when the plum tree blooms, I remember Jack and Zack.  May we all have friends so funny and true.

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