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Two dogs and a plum tree

About 10 years ago, two dogs ruined a sapling.   It’s not what you think – they didn’t pee all over it. They chewed the poor little thing to death. Jack, a burly black and white border collie, was just over

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Who is the Church?

I hesitate to write this post, because I’m afraid some will get the wrong idea – that they will think that I don’t like the church. Nothing could be further from the truth.  I love the potential the church has

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White House and New Media

Regardless of politics, there’s one thing you can say about President Barack Obama:  he’s harnessed all forms of media, especially new media, brilliantly. There’s a series airing this week on PBS’ Newshour about new/social media and how it’s impacting politics. 

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Spring Reflection

A friend who is an artist told me once that she likes to walk around the neighborhood and take pictures when she’s stuck on a project.  That inspired me – and certainly the iPhone is capable of some pretty good

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Gold Lame Dress

I was 16 when I jumped out of Greg Markia’s birthday cake in my mother’s old gold lame dress. The party was in the gray cinder-block volunteer fire department building in Ainsley, West Virginia. It may as well have been

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Cool cousin

Just a question…

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