China Girl and walking Miles

So, Iggy Pop and David Bowie were in Berlin together, “trying to be good”.  Apparently, (according to Bowie), they had been bad.  One morning, they had coffee together and Iggy told David about a punk party he’d gone to the night before.

It was a party on the anniversary of the completion of the Berlin Wall.  The punks built a scaled replica of the wall, and on the stroke of midnight, they tore it apart with their fists and teeth (the replica was also edible).  After telling this story, Bowie launched in a gorgeous jazz-ballad rendition of China Girl, one of his hits from the 80s (co-written by Iggy Pop).  He intoduced the song with a few words about how the song was like that punk party – they were both stories about exploitation and rebellion.

This is the kind of story I expect to hear on Fresh Air or World Cafe, shows I would have to turn to public radio for.  Things I would find through exploration.   But this story came to me on one of my Pandora radio stations.  Based on programming choices I made and Pandora used to calculate what I might like.

It’s a case in point of the difference between the old way of accessing news, and how media distribution is evolving.  Based on my preferences, that story found me.   Made me think of the Socialnomics video circulating via YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook:

“We no longer search for news, the news finds us.”

I would love to hear Terry Gross interview Bowie and follow up on the story, but, in the mean time I learned something I didn’t know before, and it found me.

All this while walking the dog.

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One comment on “China Girl and walking Miles
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