Writing well is hard…

I’ve kind of made a pact with myself:  I’m going to write regularly.  A little bit, every day…I’m just gonna start.

Writing well is hard.  The more I get into writing and editing regularly, the more I see this fact.  The only way to get better is consistent practice at it – that’s it.

Writing for radio is different than writing for print, but one thing remains common, no matter what media format you are working with:

Write conversationally, for Pete’s sake!

A great habit I developed in public radio is to always, always, always read out loud what you write.  Ask yourself this question:  “Would I have actually said it that way in conversation?”.  And, perhaps more importantly, “Would anyone I’m talking to get what I was trying to say if I wrote/said it this way?”

Important stuff.

Other goals for this year:

Take a class/workshop on writing.

Get a coach, or at least someone I feel comfortable who can push me along toward getting better.

And. that’s my post for tonight….

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One comment on “Writing well is hard…
  1. uninvoked says:

    *perks* You write for radio? THow about a post describing this in detail?

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