6 reasons you should hear Ben Sollee’s music…

Yesterday, at Ellen’s Ice Cream in downtown Charleston (I dreamed about Ellen’s the entire time we lived in KY), I read the Mountain Stage poster. I almost squealed with delight…because…Ben Sollee plays on the show this weekend at the Cultural Center Theater in Charleston.

There are many reasons I love Ben’s music – and I’ll get to all six reasons why this week in this space, but for tonight, reason # 1.

Clever lyrics.  The song that’s been running through my head all week is Panning for Gold.

I saw God in the forest
Teaching Tai Chi
to the Trees

He said “Son I used to know where I put things.”

“I used to know.”

By the end of the song, you get the idea: God is tired and needs our help to figure things out.   It’s ironic and somehow comforting to think that humanity, the very thing God created, can confuse him/her.

Music that makes you think is always a bonus.  The thing about Ben is he’s a classically trained cellist who conjures up great R & B singers like Sam Cooke.  Pretty cool stuff, and some of the other six reasons you should go hear Ben on Sunday night.

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2 comments on “6 reasons you should hear Ben Sollee’s music…
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  2. Bill Wilson says:

    I like this! What a nice way to experience some Compline at the monastery tonight. Seeing God!!!! Thank you for your writing expression – my musicologist!

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