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Go see Ben Sollee: Reason 2

Continuing last night’s thread on Ben Sollee and why you should check his music out… Great musicians do a lot with not much.  How many singer-songwriters have you ever heard of accompany themselves with the cello? Keep thinking on that,

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Food Stories

Like many kids in college, I spent time in the restaurant business.  It was a good way to make money in an honest way.  Waiting tables also got me out of the insular environment of the music building, a very

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6 reasons you should hear Ben Sollee’s music…

Yesterday, at Ellen’s Ice Cream in downtown Charleston (I dreamed about Ellen’s the entire time we lived in KY), I read the Mountain Stage poster. I almost squealed with delight…because…Ben Sollee plays on the show this weekend at the Cultural

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Kind of Blue turns 50

My dog is named for Miles Davis, one of the greatest musicians of the last century. Miles was an innovator of music – coming out of the bop tradition prevalent in NYC in the late 1940’s – early 1950s. Cram-as-many-notes-as-you-can-into-a

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Favorite musicians I: Matt Shulman

I once told a colleague I found interviewing the ‘usual suspects’ disappointing.  Once you get over the thrill of ‘I get to talk to X musician/band today, and they are really famous, therefore I’m cool’, reality sets in. There’s cynicism

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Music Monday: Michael Gungor Band

This pretty much sums up the ‘God is Love’ thing…on a Music Monday. My Documents

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Food is part of the spin…and beat

I finally figured out why I haven’t been blogging as faithfully as I would like.  I’ve limited myself to music and religion.  Two things I have been fascinated with since I was quite young…but not the whole story. Tonight, I

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