Guilty Pleasures: 1977-78

Last week, I teased one of my Facebook pals about a song that is an unqualified ‘guilty pleasure’.  For me, this means I loved a particular song at one time or another that with time has proven to be musically challenged. beegees96

In other words, most of the time, they ain’t great songs. But man, were they fun. Here’s a list from 1978.  Some of these songs have gone on to be complete duds that we don’t really care about.  A few turned out to be good, it was just cool to make fun of disco at the time.

1.  Shadow Dancing (Andy Gibb)

In the era before the  Backstreet Boys and N ‘Sync, there was Andy Gibb.  I confess to having a big poster of this guy on my bedroom door in the 5th grade.  Shadow Dancing was also one of the first records I ever owned.  Yeesh!

2.  Duran Duran is formed.
They say confession is good for the soul…
I signed my notes D2 in high school.  One of former running buddies from that era enjoys reminding me of this from time to time.  (Hey, buddy…at least I was never a fan of Rick Astley).

The irony here is that I never liked Duran Duran after Hungry Like the Wolf.  This is a classic case of wanting to fit in when you are the new kid in town.  Sad part is, it did not work…

3.  The Bee Gees
In 1978, I was in fifth grade, living near New York City.  It was cool to make fun of disco…all my friends hated it.  I went home and put one of my other first records, the soundtrack to Saturday Night Fever on the turntable in secret.  I loved this music.

It’s ironic to me now that it’s the 20-somethings who are really digging on this stuff.  It’s really no surprise.  Everytime I hear Stayin’ Alive, I appreciate the hooks and the layers this music has.  And, it has one of my all-time favorite song lyrics:

We can try to understand/the New York Times’ effect on man

We can try, but I still haven’t figured it out…

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2 comments on “Guilty Pleasures: 1977-78
  1. amy shanholtzer says:

    Ahh – Andy Gibb – I remember the pre-Jo Bros days! But, my first 45 was “Rhinestone Cowboy!” That’s embarassing!!

  2. Dr Bill Wilson says:

    Love those Bee Gees and “Staying Alive”; that is a good theme for life. That is what it is all about – life and death.

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