My favorite band

It was in the attic bedroom of my best middle-school bud Melissa where I fell in love with my fave band U2.

I was 12.

The punk thing was still cool in suburban Connecticut.  Early U2 – songs like I Will Follow from the Boy albumhad a distinctive punk edge, which made them super-hip in my crowd.  But there was something different in these guys, too. From the beginning, you could hear a lot of care about the world in them.

And, I confess the adolescent girl in me thought Bono had great hair.  What can I say?

That was nearly 30 years ago (yeesh), and the boys from Dublin are well into middle age now (Bono was born in 1960), and they are still rockin’.

I’ve been playing their latest album all day (downloaded from iTunes this a.m.), and a couple of things really stick out:

Brian Eno is a genius – he’s been producing and playing on U2 albums forever, and his touch is clearly felt here.  His loops and keyboard skills make the tune Moment of Surrender soar.

Lyric one to remember (from Moment of Surrender):

At the moment of surrender/I fell to my knees/I didn’t notice the passersby/and they didn’t notice me

I was speedinon the subway/through the stations of the cross/every eye looking every other way/

It’s really cool the band is still together. And there’s no drama.  We don’t hear about Bono and the Edge getting arrested for being drunk and disorderly in public.  They don’t seem to have tremendous ego-war stuff going on.  I’m sure they battle, but they seem to be able to work though it well.

More thoughts on this album coming soon – but I want to listen to it some more first.  Needless to say, I think it’s worth a listen.

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